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This book provides possible solutions to the centuries old mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

It Contains Never Before Published Theories, Photos, Diagrams & Treasure Maps of Oak Island, Birch, Quaker & Others.

Erik ORION's "Amazing" Book, The Pyramids of Oak Island is Available for Immediate Download for only $9.99




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Erik ORION's Latest "Amazing" Book, The Pyramids of Oak Island

"The age old mystery to the secrets of Oak Island is finally revealed!" This eBook contains, original theories, photos and information about the "real" origins of Oak Island, Nova Scotia. There are Egyptian Pyramids all Over Nova Scotia & America!


Attention Freemasons:Your Centuries Old Lies About Oak Island are Over! There are Egyptian Pyramids Hidden on Oak Island, Nova Scotia Just Like the Ones at Giza, Egypt.The Freemasons along with the Canadian & American Governments have been looting the gold from these pyramids for more than 100 years! The Freemasons lie about their existence so they alone can benefit .No More Lies. The truth can now be told!The "curse" of Oak Island is an ancient mummy's curse from King's Khufu, Khafre & Menkaure.The truth about what really exists on Oak Island will end the "curse."


Here's what Oak Island Nova Scotia Canada probably looked like around 2,500 B.C.

Just like Giza, Egypt but with more pyramids in tight rows.


Here's what Oak Island probably looked like around the 15th Century A.D


Oak Island, Nova Scotia Canada - Present Day


Here's Present Day Oak Island with X-Ray Vision!


Here's one of ORION's theories of where the Pyramids of Oak Island, Nova Scotia Canada are located. Theory #999 7/20/2017.


The small round circles on the Tree of Life & 8 Pointed Star overlay represent tunnel entrances to the ancient Egyptian
Pyramid City that was once loaded with gold before the Freemasons looted all of it, hiding below Oak Island!


Here is the map for all of Henry Sinclair's Templar treasure ships that are buried on Oak Island.

Ladies & Gentlemen: Erik ORION is pleased to announce the amazing discovery
of The Pyramids of Oak Island aka: "New Egypt" Nova Scotia, Canada

Oak Island was built by the Freemasons on top of an ancient
Egyptian Pyramid City known as New Egypt aka: New Jerusalem.

Oak Island, Nova Scotia is New Scotland aka: "New Jerusalem."

The Freemason's Age Old Secret About The Existence of
The Pyramids of Oak Island is Over!

"Seven must die before the Oak Island treasure can be found..."

Fred Nolan is dead. He was "#7." Now the treasure can be found...Yay!

R.I.P. - Fred Nolan

Nolan discovered the secret of Oak Island's pyramids during the
late 1960's or early 1970's.

Nolan was a 33rd Degree Freemason. He was also a dishonest land surveyor.

*FACT: Nolan was convicted of a crime for moving land markers
on Oak Island around to benefit himself & screw Dan Blankenship.

Nolan "probably" created "fake" treasure clues & left them around
Oak Island while stealing & destroying any "real" clues that he found.

Nolan & his Freemason buddies were "probably" looting the gold treasure
from inside the secret Egyptian Pyramids of Oak Island for 50+ years
& smuggling the booty off of Oak Island from Nolan's boat dock.



Here's Khufu's Burial Chamber Vault aka: the "Chapel" Vault.

Erik ORION is available to lead an expedition to Oak Island, Birch Island
and others...I welcome comments and theories from other Oak Island "researchers."

If you have a "better" or new & original theory about Oak Island, I'd love to hear about it...
feel free to contact me anytime on Twitter or Facebook.

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Forbidden Archaeology Discovered Under Quaker Island, Nova Scotia, Canada!

You can clearly see an ancient pyramid temple from hiding under Quaker Island
in Nova Scotia, Canada! WTF is it?

I see dog sphinx not cat sphinx. Bottom left & right of photo.

Maybe it's the Temple of Anubis?



Erik ORION Discovered "The Lost City of Atlantis"
in Boynton Beach, Florida in 2016!

The Freemasons installed a curved wall at the entrance of the inlet to force boaters to go around the huge underwater pyramid just a few hundred yards off shore. This "un-natural" curved wall makes the inlet extremely dangerous for boat traffic. 1,000's of unsuspecting boaters travel over the submerged pyramids each year but no one except the Freemasons, CIA, NSA knows they are there until now!


Erik ORION is available to lead "your" expedition to Oak Island, Birch Island, Quaker Island and others! I, Erik ORION spent an enormous amount of time & mental energy researching archived documents, ancient texts & maps from all around the world, including Israel, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Spain, Norway & Canada to establish my "theories." If you want to find "amazing" treasure in Nova Scotia, Canada, contact me. I guarantee results because I am NOT a Freemason & I am NOT protecting any secrets! The world needs to know about the amazing ancient civilization(s) hiding under islands in Nova Scotia, Canada!

Erik Orion - 2017
"The Pyramid Hunter"




It's my theory that Birch Island in Nova Scotia, Canada has an ancient Egyptian Pyramid hiding below it loaded with treasure.
Also, treasure ships are buried all over the "man-made" Birch Island!


Montezuma's Lost City of Gold Could be Hiding in a Flooded Public Reservoir in Utah!

Possible Hidden Pyramid Top in a Public Reservoir in Utah.


Erik ORION is a licensed real estate broker on Palm Beach Island, Florida.

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The Truth Always Hurts The Illuminati.

This eBook is a Giant Poke in the Eye to the New World Order

Compliments of Erik ORION.



Orion's Theory of the Universe

It's Erik ORION's Theory that a Second Earth Exists Across the Sun in the Same Orbit as our Present Earth & that NASA, SETI Along with the Vatican & All Other Nations are Lying About It to Help Promote the Myth of Jesus... One earth is positively charged, the other earth is negatively charged. Both earths are being attracted to each other. Every year they are getting closer to each other & the sun. This is the "real" cause for global warming.Both earths are 100 million miles away from each other but only 50 million miles away from the sun. The two planet earths are getting 1 million miles closer to each other each year! In 100 years both planets will collide with each other causing the end of mankind in a cosmic "big bang" instant!

Stephen Hawking just came out publically to validate "my" theory that two earths do in fact exist & that all mankind will end in 100 years unless drastic steps are taken now!The universe is contracting & getting smaller each year. Hence, "time" is going by at a faster rate. Did you ever notice that the older you get the faster time goes by?The universe is NOT expanding as NASA's Christian pseudo-scientist's & the mainstream media "falsely" claim.Nikola Tesla Discovered the Second Earth in 1899. Why is it that only high level Freemasons & Jesuit pedophile priests are allowed to go into space & not the "civilian" American public? "They" don't want the public to know the real truth, that's why!

NASA, the CIA & the Mainstream Media FAKED the Alleged Moon Landings! NASA is full of shit & can't be trusted to tell the truth!

I am looking for a book publisher to publish this book & my other book, The Bush Connection. If you are a publisher who might be interested,

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